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"Alien" is an unreleased track by Kanye West, intended to be released on his scrapped Yandhi album.

Alien was part of the Yandhi tracklist when West performed at SNL in September 2018, [1] appearing under the name "Alien/SpaceX". The album was slated for release that night, with West and his team trying to complete the mixing of the album, the leaked version of Alien is evidently unfinished, with incomplete lyrics and mixing.

While one might be led to believe that since City In The Sky and Garden are two different leaks, it would makes sense that SpaceX could be an unleaked Yandhi song we don't yet know of. On the contrary, verified Kanye insider "Alek" confirmed that SpaceX is not a separate song from Alien. In fact, SpaceX at the time was a working title for Alien, as the original filename of the Timbaland produced version was "spacex".

Featuring production by BongoByTheWay, the track features a sample from the unreleased Ant Clemons track "Godzilla". Thought to be a reference for another artist, the chorus from "Godzilla" was lifted from his song and placed in the intro of Alien. Additionally, Godzilla begins with a robotic voice reciting the official message of the Arcturian Council of Light, with the following lyrics:

"Dear ones, we are looking to bring you enlightenment. To offer illumination in stormy skies. We are here as beings of light, benevolent, invested in humanity and her evolution."

The track contains a repeating flute melody over 808 drums and the occasional saxophone part. Lyrically, West raps about being an Alien and arriving on another planet where he proceeds to exterminate every living being in his path. Later in the track, he talks about the conspiracy theory that the Challenger space shuttle didn't actually blow up, mentioning Alex Jones' controversial Sandy Hook theory as well.

Besides the Kanye version with no features, various other versions of Alien exist as well, with artists from Kid Cudi to 2 Chainz recording verses for the track. Some versions of the track include a stem edited intro of a choir harmonizing with synths underneath them, underneath the robotic voice intro.

Unreleased Versions[edit]

Title Length Version Additional info
Alien 2:29 Timbaland production, unfinished vocals
Alien 3:46 Demo Quavo & Offset solo, earlier version of beat
Alien 3:30 Demo Unfinished vocals, earliest production
Alien 3:45 Demo Kid Cudi solo, earliest production
Alien Demo 2 Chainz solo, earliest production
Alien Demo Cyhi the Prynce solo, earliest production