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"Hurricane" is an unreleased track by Kanye West, originally recorded for his scrapped Yandhi album.

The track was first teased on West's Instagram on September 14, 2018, when a snippet of him performing the chorus was posted. Later, on October 10, 2018, a video was posted to YouTube of West rapping his Hurricane verse for Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White.

The first full version of the song was leaked online on September 27, 2019, little more than a year since the original snippet was posted. This version featured Ant Clemons singing the chorus instead of West. The song was clearly unfinished at this point, with just an instrumental where the second verse would go.

A second version leaked two days later on September 29, this featured West singing the chorus as well as a completely different, Yeezus style beat. This version of the track would probably be the one released, with it being featured in a Twitter video posted by West in late October 2018. The community has dubbed this version "SNL Hurricane."

Subsequent leaks of the track revealed features from Big Sean, Young Thug, and Ty Dolla $ign.

Unreleased Versions[edit]

Title Length Version Additional info
Hurricane 4:13 OG Features Big Sean, has Yeezus style production
Hurricane 3:06 OG Kanye sings chorus, no feature, has Yeezus style production
Hurricane OG Kanye sings chorus, possible lyric changes. Dubbed as "SNL Hurricane" by community.
Hurricane 4:21 Demo Features Ty Dolla $ign & Young Thug, different instrumental
Hurricane 4:21 Demo Ant Clemons sings chorus, different instrumental with open verse