Jesus Walks

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"Jesus Walks" is the seventh track on Kanye West's debut studio album The College Dropout. It was released as a single on May 25, 2004.

In the song, West talks about the media's portrayal of the "gangster" lifestyle and how the majority of news is negative. He raps that his song is less likely to be played on the radio than a typical rap song because of the topical differences. West states that Jesus is with even the worst of sinners, and that Jesus is guiding him as well.

Jesus Walks was co-written by Rhymefest, who later released his own remix of the track. Three additional remixes of the track were released by West. One with Ma$e and Common, another with only Ma$e, and a third featuring both artists with an alternate verse by West.

On the original leaked version of The College Dropout, an intro sung by John Legend precedes the track.

Released Versions[edit]

Title Length Released Version Additional info
Jesus Walks 3:13 The College Dropout Studio
Jesus Walks 4:58 The College Dropout Video Anthology Remix Features Ma$e and Common, as well as a new verse and chorus from Kanye
Jesus Walks 4:41 The Damage Is Done Remix Features Ma$e and Common, different Kanye verse from the other remix
Jesus Walks 3:54 Jesus Walks (Single) Remix Features Ma$e as well as a new verse and chorus from Kanye

Unreleased Versions[edit]

Title Length Version Additional info
Jesus Walks 3:30 OG Alternate vocal take and mixing, included on 2003 leak of The College Dropout
Jesus Walks 2:18 Demo First verse only, alternate vocal take and mixing